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Puzzle 2 by Gervase
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Gervase set himself a high standard and with his first puzzle and maintains it here. His enthusiasm for playing around with language to write fun clues is evident and there is a mini-theme thrown in for good measure. I particularly liked 11 across, 3 down and 23 down.


Last longer than garment showing striking deterioration (7)
10 Preserve "Farewell!" in a choral setting (7)
11 Queen for round about a month? (7)
12 Yorkshire hamlet's grain mound (7)
13 Prince almost meeting king in Belgian town (9)
15 Artist largely concerned with cash (5)
16 Pressure on queen to admit German company's foraging rights (7)
19 Last character in "Funny Lady" in a state of confusion (7)
20 Dance event suitable for all, even the beginner (5)
21 Diatribe of prince on film (9)
25 Sings sweetly in conflict; sings to leave benefits (7)
26 Slick movers get duchess right on board (7)
28 Trainee king finds new queen (7)
29 Dramatic situation is put down to the French (7)

Antsy, one might say, on account of sound equipment (6)
2 Waterloo, perhaps Wellington's place leading a detachment of lines (6)
3 Mock a fool who's lost his way (4)
Primarily appointed Round Table hero and original king (6)
5 Sheep's head in spicy sauce produced the runs? (8)
6 Musical breaks during schooltime take energy sound asleep by one! (10)
7 One's cast-off, ill-fitting and smeared (8)
8 Prince takes a big part in prostitution (8)
14 Avoid meat without fat coating, accepting nothing to eat at first (5,5)
16 Prince gorges on kitchen scraps (8)
17 African reign in a turmoil (8)
18 Photograph setting of public appearance (8)
22 Unit is disbanded where it stands (2,4)
23 Looked closely for evidence of haematuria (6)
24 Headdress of Africa's queens (6)
27 Restraint from playing up like stink (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Gervase