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Gervase is an organic chemist by profession, so this puzzle goes to show that writing good puzzles is not restricted to arty types. He has long been a keen solver, but only recently started writing them himself. He particularly enjoys the "libertarian" compilers like Araucaria, but admires the way Ximenean purists still manage to entertain within their self-imposed limits, and this is reflected in his excellent puzzle. 6 across is real laugh-out-loud stuff and there is a novel device involving two linked clues. Enjoy!


Must get on as candlestick is missing (2,4,3,3,6)
6 8 perhaps exulted (4)
8 Have 6 and scramble to the toilet? (8)
9 Antelopes go to ground between 3 and 6 o'clock (6)
10 In short, he is truly a believer (6)
11 Casual friends return (8)
12 from the North after gushing about hotel (6)
15 Discharge delegation to the Orient (8)
16 Nothing left is acceptable (3,5)
19 Title role of 25 in comeback for yours truly (6)
21 She is learning about precipitation (8)
22 Covered in swellings through lack of medicine (6)
24 Blend Chinese porcelain with the French (6)
25 Mouthwatering dish of ducks served round in copper and gold (8)
26 Leaves without starting for a long time (4)
27 See 1

Refusal heard straight from the horse's mouth? (5)
2 Rather left-wing district near Manchester (7)
3 Shared the port (5)
4 Shares information from under-the-table dealings (7)
5 Look again at short section of film about former dictator (2-7)
6 Noisy rush for tea dance (7)
7 Look inside bottom to map owner's specimen (9)
13 Cry due to showing sign of age (9)
14 Careless conservators trail flimsy garment (9)
17 He could be an unusual delight (4,3)
18 Electra's misguided sentimentality (7)
20 The enemy of Newgate? (3,4)
22 Second generation that is wrong to raise (5)
23 Foil with muted oath (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Gervase