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Puzzle by abcFoxglove
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Here's another new setter who has provided a puzzle that's technically excellent (I had almost nothing to do as editor). There's a good variety of clue types, surface readings are neat and it's very enjoyable all round. It's easier than some I've published of late but none the worse for that. 17 across is my favourite.


It may sound funny, but it's part of the anatomy (7)
5 Harder when a whistle-blower agrees to return (7)
9 Got back wind instrument, including case (9)
10 Entertained a big noise and journalist (5)
11 Praises peers, we hear (5)
12 Fruit in crate 9 going rotten (9)
14 Repaired deaf aids last, if in good condition (2,3,2,1,6)
17 Attendance at track racing is sharply deteriorating (5,2,3,4)
21 Reprimand while conversing (7,2)
23 Section of poem from worker in company (5)
24 Subject of article on yours truly (5)
25 Spoilt by scattered tinder ash (9)
26 Range making a come-back in home improvements show (7)
27 Partially unravel a sticky fabric (7)

An obstacle some athletes regularly overcome (6)
2 Models get out of bed during exams (4-3)
3 Taking with force what's very attractive (9)
4 Casually accompany musical instrument, having a desire to follow (6,5)
5 Unfashionable winter blues, perhaps (3)
6 State funding raised after international newspaper leaders (5)
7 Imagined being attracted to (7)
8 Saved and paid off the mortgage (8)
13 Turn up uninvited and run a series of lectures (5,6)
15 Eastern region provides fashionable party crockery (9)
16 Upset to be old, surrounding oneself with junk (8)
18 Lack of movement with no way to start complaint (7)
19 Report of weapons being stolen (7)
20 Scandinavian with the beginnings of normal diction (6)
22 One hand is perfect (5)
25 Attempt to bring to court (3)

Solution to Puzzle by abcFoxglove