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This puzzle from Fiddlesticks contains some very ingenious and amusing clues. I particularly liked 19 and 23 across and 5 down.


Poet with liquor restrained after sinking over a gallon (8)
9 Index portfolio holding foreign transaction (6)
10 Girl at dayís end for company (4)
11 Parrot copied Chopin playing, with various voices (10)
12 Agreement is a thing of little value when spoken (6)
14 Flyer and his art? (8)
15 Echo on gyro log changed science (13)
17 Spotted heroin in wood frame (8)
19 Itís a girl! Thatíll make the paper (6)
21 Insolence from very loud Emily, perhaps, losing head in US drama on fourth of July (10)
22 Slap hysterical one of 18 (4)
23 Sound of a rubber cushion thatís worn? (6)
24 Deterioration of eye problem when one mark comes back internally (8)

Grips shrubs, heading off (6)
2 One timid and pale (4)
3 Kill in haste (8)
4 Moderate composure (6)
5 On high right before row over notes gets noisy (10)
6 With terrible fury, lift insect (5-3)
8 Back to steal vehicle remotes, scrambled with electrical equipment (13)
13 Glamorous, holding her millions, radiating warmth (10)
15 Flyers lifting whenever tourer goes round murals (8)
16 Detached, dismissed Ė deceitful (8)
18 Alternative angers 22 across and others (6)
20 Snobbish Ė increase compassion (6)
22 Troubles from tail-spin (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Fiddlesticks