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Puzzle 3 by Euston
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Euston gives a nice balance of accessible clues to get started and challenging ones for us to savour. There is some very clever use of language here, using common meanings of common words to mislead. Nice surfaces too. It’s hard to choose a favourite among so many good clues but 16 across would be a very strong candidate.


Relief map covering one third of Egypt (7)
5 Conservative, and inclined to be tight (7)
10 Unfortunately faced a huge lady pulling out ahead (4)
11 Poor, with purses bursting with riches? (10)
12 Lacking key pleat on A-line skirts... (6)
13 ...French can no longer work in support (8)
14 Bohemian Rhapsody’s playing, bar girl’s on hash – good times! (5,4)
16 Journalist working out spy novel (5)
17 Try, perhaps, to buy drugs (5)
19 It’s usually about one pound ten – like 50% off much? (9)
23 Secret prison losing security code of punishment quarters (7)
24 Desperate for cocaine to go partying (6)
26 Roughly one month before state borders close to one and all (10)
27 Long-term growth is targeted, and evens out (4)
28 Furious Great Dane barking at leaves (7)
29 German and girlfriend half-cut, in disarray (7)

Lofty leaves 6 after 19 (4,3)
3 Woven yarn covering hole in fabric (5)
4 Hats off to our press – pillory Labour and Ed gets defeated (7)
6 Spread over behind rubbing energetically at first (6)
7 Revelry ends in racier people having sex outside – me first! (9)
8 Cry of alarm – indistinct, vaguely audible just the same (7)
9 You shouldn’t put up with him! (6,7)
15 Little people manage to see further with this? (9)
18 Hand knitted, nice and warm – I must buy it! (7)
20 Continue to misbehave (5,2)
21 Etiquette of wife welcoming in girl (7)
22 Tempt Head of Ethics not wanting love and diamonds (6)
25 Plump royal admits turning to drugs, getting plumper (5)

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Euston