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Puzzle 2 by Euston
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This is an excellent second offering from Euston. Its smooth surfaces throughout and a variety of clever clueing techniques should delight all solvers. I particularly liked 12 across for its originality and above all, 22 across.


Dismissed if detailed CVís the least bit inaccurate (6,3)
8 Least disposed to take things badly? (5)
9 Wicked, ace, in the groove (9)
10 Spoils youngster cut by broken toy (5)
12 Pretty funny stuff Ė Linford cracked up! (6)
13 Topless show's initially offering light erotica, inside itís brutal (8)
14 Run out of clothes, getting by in the end with patches (7)
17 Hide broken heart on the wings of love (7)
20 One who writes ďThat's amazing!Ē about awful poems (8)
22 Entertainer who has difficulty handling the press? (6)
24 Babies like us singing about cuddles (5)
25 In a deviant, the rage either dissipates or it gives an edge (9)
26 Go first class (5)
27 Party girlís a graceful dancer (9)

Get by force and ultimately, love (4,2)
2 Alternatively, give rage? (8)
3 Turn guest house into hovel, and squat (6)
4 Sneaky thieves he's released stole material earlier (7)
5 Pet ducks went under to peck peopleís feet (6)
6 Patchwork cap is the nuts! (8)
11 Fellow Olympic championís boxing victory (4)
15 Fashion store runs without American Apparel (8)
16 X? Were it so, I could have defined pecs! (4)
18 Medicine can heal, if itís taken in time (8)
19 Originally, generators replaced alternating with twin phased (7)
21 Drink without a hangover for 15, perhaps? (6)
22 Pin dress pleats (6)
23 Itís essential to train daughter out of needing to get hammered (6)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Euston