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Euston's debut puzzle is quite a challenge! It uses some very clever wordplay and will appeal to those who prefer cunningly misleading clues over obscurity as a way of detaining the solver a little longer. I especially liked 1 across and 8 down.


1 One second? (5)
4 Cross dress, turning heads of colleagues in bold lilac ensemble (9)
9 We're shortly to receive a jolly good hiding on political escalator? (9)
10 Starts to shut out light and radiation from the Sun (5)
11 Wayward ambler's heading south, circling miles off course (7)
12 Hungry? Mum's out of chips – make salad (7)
13 Hoodlum and wise guy embracing end of prohibition (8)
15 Bottom left longing for cane (6)
17 Player at centre-back retains fluid (6)
19 Filthy Frank? (8)
22 Chimera? Fear not – pass by, skipping (7)
23 Writer extorted money by electronic means (7)
25 Relative's uncontrollable after Shaking All Over and Born To Run (5)
26 Former king – 'I banish all Muslims from the East!' (9)
27 Vulgar Spooner's tied up girl (9)
28 The sound of spring cleaning? (5)

1 It's not difficult to achieve unfailing growth with reform (3-7,5)
2 To play without picking the two leading strikers – bizarre! (5)
3 City streets erupting, getting set off by these? (7)
4 Taken for a laugh out loud journalist (8)
5 Quick fitting parts for old railways and tube (6)
6 The fleeing criminal who catches a golden goose (4,3)
7 Wild sea covers surface of lost island (9)
8 Of great importance – potentially greater than this? (5-10)
14 Arrest Newton, a gutless crook stealing primarily trinkets... (4-5)
16 ...or farthings? (8)
18 These days education's most advanced in top universities (7)
20 Lazy way detailed instructions go unfinished (7)
21 Some lively cheerleaders could be 1d (6)
24 Authorise detective to apprehend a beast (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Euston