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Puzzle 2 by Dylan
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After making an excellent debut here, Dylan returns with another fine puzzle which is guaranteed to get those brain cells ticking over. This puzzle shows all of the wit, flair and technical ability needed to make a crossword stand out. There are many good clues here and 16 down is my personal favourite.


1  A small part by the miller's son's somewhat unreasonable (1,3,4)
5  To take food and drink together has strong emotional effect (4,2)
9  Reveal truth about old Burmese leader returning and German heading off (8)
10  Take to the air crossing animal park backwards with promiscuous woman (6)
  Cave dweller near Northern Ireland needs nurse to have a gas? (8)
12  Heavenly body with hydrogen tail is approaching (6)
14  Speak sharply to fierce woman making a bloomer (10)
18  School head featuring in legal document needs to observe timekeeper (10)
22  Give encouragement to unknown ruler cockney possibly (6)
23  Guide's wrong, heard to circle small river (8)
24  Reply to article by monarch about the Devon area (6)
25  Wearing small item of clothing round shoulders raised them? (8)
26  Put responsibility on part of horse's tack (6)
27  Deep soled shoe found on stage (8)

1  Decorates beautiful youth losing his heart around redhead (6)
2  Entirely at home with Dorothy's dog (2,4)
3  It's low to force submission from child's milk supplier (3-3)
4  Can lenient characters mark this every one hundred years (10)
6  Each and every rowing crew on hands and knees? (3,5)
7  Period of time with no work for blacksmiths? (5,3)
8  Afterthought at day's end, of sound made by cash register's getting inside one's head (8)
13  A copy Ralph made a mess of believed to be but probably not true (10)
15  Personal targets aiding the opposition (3,5)
16  Allowed to sell drink and drive (8)
17  Heavenly and French man! Fact (8)
19  Commanding officer's quiet, not one to act frivolously (6)
20  Heartless gang holding a French hooker's keen to fight (4,2)
21  Rarely, around mid-Wales, fashions make a comeback (6) 

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Dylan