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Dylan is another new setter whom I am pleased to welcome on board. This is a nice plain cryptic with some clever touches in the clues. I liked 29 across particularly.


Even keep quiet about low temperature! (6)
4 Skirt round, double time, with head of police to catch vermin (3,4)
9 Snap and go without food for first meal (9)
10 Youngster to wipe the floor given a little while (3,2)
11 Armada’s all over the place after losing leader in play (5)
12 Put yield in the ground and plead for another (9)
13 Going round you Portuguese, before band takes in new leader (7)
15 Can with one very strong content, to be taken midday! (6)
17 Check suitability of poles seen around Amerindians (6)
19 Powerful boat carrying nothing to lay female to heat treat glass? (7)
22 Correspondingly, first person left early out east after Simon not performing (9)
24 Just before canter, get hot solemn vow (5)
26 Accepted sweetheart’s part time, initially out of place (5)
27 Have monarch’s joint possession (9)
28 Superior nuns seen by head of MI5 and the rest? (7)
29 Encountered Pooh's friend heard to travel across the sky (6)

Of French public transport backing appeal to assist newspaper boss (7)
2 Old coppers have time for dramatic singing (5)
3 Go for a walk? Get outta here! (4,1,4)
4 Thrice thank king returning to knock on the door (3-1-3)
5 Pardon over stopwatch (5)
6 Agent, kind of thin, losing note to stock up again (9)
7 Press stud makes pontiff keep quiet on river (6)
8 To droop, drinking wine, is redeeming (6)
14 Theology about hesitation, stooping and lying! (9)
16 Supplier of apples, perhaps the product of action by shoe stretcher (5,4)
18 Anxious over troubles in students union (7)
19 Attempting whilst sitting as a judge (6)
20 Negative response to hooker for each also ran (2-5)
21 Mother taking iodine therefore turns to densest known metal! (6)
23 Left one article supple (5)
25 Commander with head start on sapper to get brownish-yellow pigment (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Dylan