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I hope you enjoy this rather nice puzzle from Dill. She’s had experience setting for Big Dave’s site and 1 Across, but this is her first puzzle here. Favourite clues: 1 and 31 across, and 26 down.


Idiot’s stolen police photo (7)
5 Irish county takes time to produce some wine (6)
9 Pan of spring lamb and truffle essence for starters (5)
10 Reformed EU bearing fruit (9)
11 Dainty male groomed passionately (10)
12 Duck inside private alleyway (4)
14 Landing on last message by daughter, becomes more sentimental (8)
16 Spooner’s witnessed action somewhere in Europe (6)
19 Average communication vehicle (6)
20 Find border in record time? It’s short-lived (8)
23 Flower girl got out of bed (4)
25 React to rat scrabbling about building material (10)
28 Attack against murder with no expression of hesitation (9)
29 Eastern child gathers new wood (5)
30 Film follows Prince, a musician (6)
31 Chancellor of the Exchequer pursues Italian affair (7)

Relish spreading dirt about leading actress (7)
2 Pleased when king finally approved (9)
3 Shy men doff their caps to a beastly scavenger (5)
4 Gin brings relief, it’s said, to swinging bars (8)
5 Enterprise, maybe one from Lithuania, produces atomic element (6)
6 Topping off brownie’s light and fluffy (4)
7 Ban of English football team by the French (5)
8 Cowardly cry “that hurts!” (6)
13 Say when to look up to wise man (4)
15 Choice Professor suspected on board (4)
17 Unsavoury cheat appropriates recipe for vegetables (5,4)
18 Speaker includes prize tips for surgeon perhaps (8)
19 Abandon satellite orbiting Mars endlessly (6)
21 Carefully examine any sale abroad (7)
22 Rod gobbles something for breakfast; maybe he’s penniless (6)
24 Lassi drunk to obtain fibre? (5)
26 Stuff, stuffed with electronic stuff (5)
27 Fleet labourer lost heart (4)