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There’s a lot going on in this puzzle, not least some clever and creative clueing. 4 and 10 across are excellent, and 1 down is one of the best clues I have seen anywhere for a long time.


1 Turkey has unruly underclass (5)
4 A minute tot drunk after fare first put away? (8)
8 Half-retain anything once instructed again (8)
9 Black star which shines brightest? (6)
10 Run fast – he does! (4)
11 Successfully played first half of game leading to Euros, say (5)
12 Sixth Sense, in particular (3)
13 Siren starts to light up, revealing emergency rescue (5)
14 Not using land in derelict East End (3-5)
17 Article to spread moisture after leaving mouth of utensil? (8)
19 This one bends elbow, regularly taking britches to side of hip (5)
20 Fruit found in fridge, oddly (3)
22 British university, home to 3, with large endowment (5)
23 Nymph to play again? (4)
24 He’s committed last instalment of loan from mortgage? (6)
25 Who, maybe, I attempt to follow, causing hold-up, etc (8)
27 Girl goes after extremely seductive religious leader (8)
28 It produces figure for company to charge? (5)

Tale where familiar mouth raged? (3,6,2,4)
2 One bit of bar (5,4)
3 One with role in ham production to steal the limelight? (3)
4 Serves at opening of tennis finals (7)
5 Lost on Black or Red, for instance (2,3)
6 Strange ingredient of beer I enjoy (5)
7 POTUS to dupe indiscriminately, ahead of explosive false accusation (7-2,6)
11 Reverse Thatcher’s stuff to generate growth more than once (5)
15 Check with Crookshanks’ banded cousin? (5)
16 So Arthur perhaps takes on English Knight for ill-breeding? (9)
18 One barrel’s contents of grain’s said to be fit for scoffing (7)
21 Age on blended port (5)
22 Solutions a long time coming? Look back in answer book (5)
26 This used to write bill (3)

Solution to Puzzle by Deuce