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Puzzle 2 by Dalibor
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Dalibor's second puzzle has a theme and is every bit as challenging as his tough debut puzzle. There are so many excellent clues here that it's difficult to single out individual ones for special attention, although 5 and 7 down did stand out when I first looked at the puzzle (as did 9, 21, 24 across and 3 down...) In honesty, this is a great improvement on a number of broadsheet puzzles I've seen recently and the sooner Dalibor starts writing for the nationals, the better.


Dream about Palestinians in a state (6,2,5)
4 Brave New World finally accepted more or less, say (6)
8 A graduate and don in confusion run away (7)
9 You are told to come in near the end (7)
11 Arab hiding in free France concerned with realising 1 across (10)
12 Gallagher & Lyle only partially making comeback (4)
13 Choice between elements in a 1 across (5)
14 This clergyman would become boss when BP goes for physical education (8)
16 Game's over, including awful end, with no way to go (8)
18 Scottish sweetheart back in tune, going west in region 23 (5)
20 Obscure group (4)
21 Speaker has amazing coitus interrupted by naughty LOL question (10)
23 See 1 across
24 1 across in other words, home? (7)
25 Region 23's 'erfect example (6)
26 Young girl and old boy on the way back for 1 across (6)

Snake and horse offered to Egyptian god (5)
2 Unconventional rescue worker ultimately more confident (7)
3 Brief news item, cut and pasted wrongly, covering a formation at sea (4,5)
5 Perhaps Thomas Hardy's last two central characters in Woodlanders ... (5)
6 ...aren't so special as 1 across (7)
7 City in which pub has no Guinness around? On the contrary! (9)
10 Posh people dont start to become rotten, which is what horsemen eventually do (9)
13 Region 23s the result of schizophrenia after having change of heart (9)
15 Wine is wasted on Dalibor (9)
17 General Assembly initially has control over father (7)
19 Oedipus complex? The work of God! (4,3)
21 City president dropping Henry, nothing to add (5)
22 Bit of a tempest or monsoon (5)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Dalibor