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Puzzle 2 by Conto
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This is a smashing second puzzle from Conto. Ingenious devices abound in the wordplay and there is plenty of humour in the clues. Favourites: 13 and 17 across, 20 down. (PDF version)


Revolutionary Front deserted without stimulation? (5)
4 Ugly gesture: start to object wildly about Queen (9)
9,12 People on the streets begging for change (7,5)
10 “Hopelessness leads to divorce,” expert says, in front of couple (7)
11 One drinking needs a pee? Then woman’s discovering of pot is a lifesaver (9)
12 See 9
13 Threaten calm? (8)
14 In hardship - time to move over the bridge? (6)
17 Chicken crosses road to get to the other side? (6)
19 Pepper scampi fries about copper (8)
22 UN suppressing Number Ten’s coalition (5)
24 Ape that is tailless, orange-brown, and that eats fruit, essentially (5-4)
26 Move on wheels, yet put back outside – where it’s kept for the next shopper? (7)
27 Crash in a reversing teal Jaguar? (7)
28 Verdict – going off God is a sin (9)
29 Looks for 4 Down religious people (5)

Fools from political party voided elections (5)
2 Drinking Rector got cut (7)
3 Complimentary selection of eggs? (4-5)
4 Starts to get all the wine harvested (8)
5 He was a nasty piece of work (3-3)
6 Some sheep, some horses…they’re often here (5)
7 Barney squirrels all shillings away, albeit initially replacing one (7)
8 Without a hesitation, throw out male for being dirty and spineless (9)
13 Used car part exchanged following clearout (9)
15 In leisure centre, one gains swimming badges (9)
16 Vehicles from plant losing way north of Morrison’s? (8)
18 A state, Zambia, concerning Austria, another state (7)
20 Economy measure from TUC? (7)
21 Sea creatures’ growth beginning to slow (6)
23 Teeny long-johns containing this? (5)
25 One’s absent from climbing session for occasional runners! (5)