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Puzzle 3 by Clyde
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Clyde has given us a double jigsaw for his third puzzle, and this is a truly impressive effort! The clues are all super-smooth and not too difficult, which is as it should be for a jumbo-sized crossword. Favourite clues: the first 24 across clue and the single-entry 3 down. You can download a PDF version here, which offers a more favourable size of grid and text when printed.

clyde3.jpg clyde3.jpg

Solutions can appear in either grid. Solutions involving more than one grid entry may or may not be split over the two grids. To ensure a single unique solution, the solution to the first of two clues connected by an ellipsis should be entered into the left-hand grid.

A measure is in the offing (5)
6 Pacifier of model (5)
7 Persevere with introduction of parasite into South American bird (5,2,2)
7 Senior detectives deny force is showing doubt (9)
10,20 Player anger is erupting about hospital contract – it makes you gag (10,6)
10 Note about African country’s artistic philosophy perhaps (10)
11,13 Helpful people playing Oasis to Grandma (4,10)
12 Even I could discover mountain ape (4)
12 One member of double act uses earpiece regularly (4)
13 Leaderless naval officer held by Muslims in North Africa for senior clerics (10)
14 About to retract a tube (7)
14,4 Group requires pal’s banal duet to be re-written (7,6)
16 Point to male with low voice at unknown diplomatic residence (7)
16 Italian gentleman, not having succeeded initially with son, buries head in the sand… (7)
19 …best wishes from Princess for that! (10)
19,17 Fundraisers concoct grey panda link to Freddie’s band (6,4,3,5)
21 Whale needs alternative to calcium (4)
23 I don’t believe that’s an Arabic name (4)
23 Goddess is portrayed in oilskins on a regular basis (4)
24 Conductor needs time to get umbrella perhaps (5,5)
24 Compassionate head spy reportedly getting miserable (10)
25 Design of aluminium ribcage is related to a branch of mathematics (9)
25,9 Killing as a result of provocation caused by his giggling after church music (9,12)
26 Turn handle to access party (5)

Discharge female drug dealer (6)
2,26 Re-armed maniac fails to find equality of opportunity in US (8,5)
3 Chambers definition of “upper class” found in article on haircuts (7)
3,21 Blyton’s gang also goes to dingy English discount store (4,3,4)
4 Work hard to find a new catchphrase (6)
5 Prize money arising from Warne’s first go at batting (8)
5 Supply materials of concerning origin (8)
8,22 London landmark is charging small number of people attending to stand close to alien (12,6)
8,2 Awkward situation is showing signs of development in work (12,8)
9,1 Mention lumpy coffee perhaps as an aid for getting into work (12,6)
15 Therapy of a certain type? (8)
15,11 Brand of shoe that can make a mark on boat (8,4)
17 No attempt to keep head for measurement of distance (8)
18 Those who sleep with fishes (7)
18 Generating endless source of cellular energy (7)
20 Soldier’s prompt recovery (6)
22 High point of unfinished ascent shown with a cross (6)