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Puzzle 2 by Clyde
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To be honest, I usually find crosswords where many of the clues refer to each other rather irritating, but this one is definitely an exception! Clyde has been extremely clever in the way the solutions are linked in a kind of chain, and the result is a very entertaining puzzle indeed. The clues are excellent, and I particularly like the neatness of 21 across.


First off, Earth becomes 14 (5)
7 Enlightenment is due maybe to charged 15 (9)
10 A teetotal religious leader undertaking appeal (10)
11 Change movement of water 6 (4)
12 Ferrous metal retained within environment (4)
13 Start off winters in France in the number one 7 establishment (10)
14 Globe-like structure’s beginning to get wild by the sound of it (7)
16 Making things 24 at the end of the day (7)
19 Panicked by fake detour perhaps (7,3)
21 Sounds like lad will get angry (4)
23 18 leader secures investment for Italian city (4)
24 11 eventual IQ to be comparable (10)
25 Quiet official, lacking energy, provides home for a prairie dweller (9)
26 Small 8 plot (5)

Medic caught in 2 (6)
2 After start of 16, National Trust organised church opening (8)
3 I would back gentleman to identify ancient 20 dynasty (7)
4 Reportedly takes 12 alloys (6)
5 Prisoner is not returning to Lake District location (8)
8 Cautious 1 vets Veronica (12)
9 Truth discovered from complaint about clergyman by paramilitary organisation (12)
15 Small piece of publisher’s first 26 (8)
17 Aristocracy requires tiny 21 to be treated (8)
18 Sought after 13 in East London area (7)
20 Intelligence service that is holding lawyers back could be from Middle East (6)
22 Overlook mistreatment of no good Goering (6)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Clyde