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After many years of being an enthusiastic solver, Clyde decided to turn his hand to setting, an activity he sees as retirement pre-planning. Itís as good a hobby as any, especially when one is able to produce entertaining and well-clued puzzles like this one. There is a lot of fun to be had here; I particularly like the neatness of 5 down and the amusing surface of 17 across.


9 Use of repeated sounds initially; not everyone gets repetition (9)
10 Fatherís thanks for food (5)
11 Part of room needs waterproofing reportedly (7)
12 Try endlessly to help find work (7)
13,23 When e-mail gets distributed simultaneously (9)
14 Asian space could be transformed into a large expanse of water (7,3)
16 Standard way to get angry (7)
17 Tree hugging American model who manages money of others (7)
19 Somehow enabling it to become untouchable (10)
22,26 Foretold of drink getting finished (9)
24 Welshman keeps Irish broadcaster notified (7)
25 Learned fellow arranged chorals (7)
26 See 22
27 Wallpaper delivered by a horse and left with unknown voluntary organisation in school (9)

1 Travelled around with surprisingly crude TV magician (15)
2 Fine lace tied in a knot (8)
3 Coloured cloth is found in equipment sailor brought back (5)
4 Charge is modified for duke, perhaps (3,5)
5 Oneís on foot, marching (6)
6 Appropriate to keep elite soldier with us to provide equipment (9)
7 Tries to produce written pieces of work (6)
8 Retrial in Panama could expose MP (15)
15 Significance of eating mud clarified (9)
17 Seafarer carries a pound to acquire lucky charm (8)
18 Novelist employs recurrent theme about headless doll (8)
20 Stylish attempt to conceal conclusion (6)
21 Latest article about princess from Madras, perhaps (6)
23 See 13

Solution to Puzzle by Clyde