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Puzzle 2 by Bucko
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There's a great deal of fun to be had from Bucko's second puzzle. The clues are witty and display a wealth of invention. My favourite is the hilarious 16 across, though 25 across also deserves a special mention.


The paradoxical result of a well followed diet (3,3,7)
8 Such a bar stops the runs? (4)
9 Possibly opt for a very rich environment (7-3)
10 Disagree violently while backing out, being more keyed up (6)
11 Pain from getting up too quickly (3,5)
12 Temporarily dazzled as wife cracks elitist soprano (4-5)
14 Off piste I lost pace (4)
15 Satisfy next head for class (4)
16 Take-offs like this could land the flight crew in trouble! (9)
20 Rice product, say, for which boy leaves roasted brie and stilton (8)
21 Soldiers so withdrawn and traumatised they don't work (6)
23 Hopping about before recovering (10)
24 Empty after exotic vindaloo half wasted (4)
25 Taking no prisoners in Tierra del Fuego? (8,5)

Composer heard to have responded to pitch at home (7)
2 Information on the first person investigating origin of those like Mozart, Einstein and Picasso (5)
3 The main man? (7)
4 To incorrectly solve this is to demonstrate the solution correctly (5,10)
5 Early challengers half leapt up then agreed (6)
6 It stiffens chopper,. . . (3,6)
7 . . .erect in the north but disappointed! (5,2)
13 Game played in Malvern swimming pool? (5,4)
15 In order that prophet is exalted I will be locked up for after dark assignations (7)
17 English assembly that's seen on the beach (7)
18 Artist is to express contempt about a barren Renoir (7)
19 Stress free industrial action (6)
22 City lacks funds for organ (5)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Bucko