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Bucko is new to setting but you wouldn't have thought so from this crossword. He uses a wide repertoire of clue types and there is a sense of fun throughout. Let's hope we see more of him! Favourite clue was hard to choose among so many good ones, but8 across really appealed to me.


Burn church on hill (5)
8 Atheist or maybe he's not sure (9)
10 Idea of movement replacing leader with next one (6)
11 A French First World War soldier losing direction is the first loyalist (8)
12 Hear you sort out terribly tangled results (8)
13 Barefaced and that's not all! (4)
15 Some old-timers at first cry uncontrollably about Queen producing "It's a kind of magic"! (7)
17 Social housing produces limited rash on worker (7)
20 Is not able to pitch (4)
22 Diagonal bandage around soldier (8)
25 Call about jugged hare for drinking establishment (4,4)
26 "The City, faithless at heart, get nothing" Miliband repeated (6)
27 Is musical note able to simply emulate beginnings of language? (9)
28 Sweet about boy (5)

Related to movement of whacky racer say (9)
2 Path of the Sun around rim is almost feverish (8)
3 French impressionist of note (7)
4 I bit pale cook pathetic! (8)
5 Sensual state consumes impoverished Schwarzenegger (6)
6 Composer lost his first composition (5)
9 Bring down international organisation over party (4)
14 Beethoven read youthful score, only part needing little preparation (4-5)
16 Learns new skills about articles of bridal wear (8)
18 Concoct method for opening (8)
19 Employ fewer people like this? (7)
21 Oxygenate a drug speed (6)
23 Aberdeen without constituents of ale and port (4)
24 Two veg and meat is more than one eats (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Bucko