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I am very pleased to welcome Boaz to the Guest Setters' ranks. This debut puzzle is absolutely superb. I can honestly say that I enjoyed solving this plain cryptic rather more than some of the contrived efforts I've seen in the nationals recently. 27 across is a clue to kill for!Let us hopefor more from this setter soon.


Dress made new fantasy second to none (5,5,5)
9 Run into bar for a scrap (7)
10 "Brown In" spelt out leader of The Guardian (7)
11 Strong nuts (4)
12 Return tab to Mr. Dawson in the Royal Oak? (10)
14 Overhear a number deliberate on the possible source of an American leak (6)
15 Peter Sellers maybe, or Cook not good, average (8)
18 Jockeys in hospital or going to seed (8)
19 What Americans do to their plates when they want to come to the party? (4,2)
21 Bring back red carpet is it unduly rash? (10)
23 Move a block of cast iron (4)
25 Liven up novel crafty (7)
26 Keep soilage? (7)
27 Creature left herons and Scotsmen bewildered (4,4,7)
Call Nick? (5,2,3,5)
2 Former auditor reported the Treasury (9)
3 Blown to heartless ruin (4)
4 Law and Pacino besiege Universal in real life (6)
5 No "S" missing from station signs (8)
6 Toys in a Clio? Jacks and tops leaving no room for work (10)
7 Start to harbour a craving (5)
8 One may have no interest in the company of a bedmate (8,7)
13 Showing no hesitation, tennis player at one-love with determination to win league (10)
16 Eager Heads of Intelligence met before the case (9)
17 Removes organ for grants? (8)
20 Understanding wife is married after party (6)
22 Monument to Biblical priest in church (5)
24 With which Xavier might decline immediately (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Boaz