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This puzzle from Beegee is another fine debut on this site. It shows all the hallmarks of a good setter: concise, economical clues with a satisfying variety of clue types, which read as plasuible English sentences in their own right. I particularly liked 22 across and 14 down.


Ill nurse? Go get a doctor! (7)
5 Large net snaring some animals (6)
8 Order re-positioning of her chair before 1st of year (9)
9 Afterthought, alternatively a complaint (5)
11 Graph produced by George the fourth in empty office (5)
12 Small crusader seen after dark on Monday, say (4,5)
13 One who might be proficient at spelling? (8)
15 Roofing suitable for the church I’m pointing at (6)
17 Lying girl conceals security code (6)
19 Revise costings for sect followers (8)
22 Alienated and unemployed, Jo Best called journalist? (9)
23 Home of Boxer and mate (5)
24 African opens show with another Zambian idol (5)
25 Artist leading expedition saves time for religious order (9)
26 Animal found in marsh to west of northern city (6)
27 Scratch around last of soap in drain (7)

Those in the Common Room could develop smoother class (14)
2 Staggering after dancing? (7)
3 Dodge First Lady holding present (5)
4 Knew race could result in a tie (8)
5 “Spring is here,” bloke announced (6)
6 Plant? He’s penitent without it, surprisingly (9)
7 Fancy, but not last (7)
10 This remedy is not to be sneezed at. . . (13)
14 . . . doctor can go into reason for illness (9)
16 Protected after a sign of approval is given to journalist (8)
18 Servant carrying too much soup (7)
20 Put on and take off (7)
21 A cigar shaped like a mushroom (6)
23 The Lord of the Ring? (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Beegee