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Bear is a long-term solver who has decided to try his hand at setting. It was a good decision as the result is a very entertaining puzzle. I particularly liked the conciseness of 6 down.


Delay site demolition in disgust (8)
9 Nut returns – that's a relief, kinsman! (6)
10 Youthful team that gets minority vote (5,5)
11 Spoil a register (4)
12 Last month awful turmoil not right (6)
14 Fish heads off easily round yucca plant (8)
15 After work, I consumed sulphur drugs (7)
17 Inferior bash to half cook? (7)
20 Ritual freak love held back suddenly (8)
22 North – a Nazi elite’s gold capital (6)
24 Rwanda farmers nearly embrace trade union (4)
25 Goose jog or fun run across the pond? (6,4)
27 Mineral extracted from coastal Cumbria (6)
28 Italian biscuits – a treat I’m preparing (8)

Explosive starts of tractor engine terrified rowdy youths luckily (6)
2 Greeting very English colony (4)
3 Hear open mobile headset (8)
4 Carry headless trout, perhaps expecting a fall (7)
5 Central genes holding last unknown male protein (6)
6 Dry without energy? (10)
7 Coarse book endured without end (8)
13 Prepared quince a day causing dearth (10)
16 Precise formulas without variety spring flowers (8)
18 He, for example, soon without a spirit, so it's said (8)
19 Unsatisfactory act that Earl Grey improved (4,3)
21 Former Maidu village (USA) Tom damaged (6)
23 Arrests sailors taking a bit (6)
26 Dawn's mum the first (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Bear