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Puzzle 2 by Alchemi
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Since Alchemi's first puzzle appeared on this site, he has started to produce a twice-monthly cricket-themed puzzle for the excellent Cricinfo website under the pseudonym Hemical. He's back here with a lovely (non-cricket) themed puzzle; it's a cracking solve with my favourite clue being 4 down.


There is much gold in the grid, but none in the wordplay.

This tie represents officialdom (11)
7 Kingfisher? (3)
9 The French MAY have an indigenous people (5)
10 Flowers for French husbands (9)
11 Greek character and two other blokes used to be African (9)
12 Mention Mrs Gorbachov nearly gets the point (5)
13 FBI agents take time to grow (7)
15 Amnesiac, at heart, was an hairy man (4)
18 Fiercely attack the outskirts of Montreal (4)
20 Introduction a couple of prisoners escape (7)
23 Advisor regularly contributed to soundtrack (5)
24 Brought together around the beginning of last month, these accounts are provisional (9)
26 Cheered old man returning to paddle about without one (9)
27 Turbine part on westward-facing hill (5)
28 Very small call for help (3)
29 Unpredictably rough terrain, mostly with name unknown (11)

Heraldic weapon is allegedly Lancelot's to start with (8)
2 Comprehensive and methodical, however (8)
3 Nothing to be green (5)
4 Versifier revealing himself as Byron, Blake, or Browning? (7)
5 Grannie wanders, coming under fire? (2,5)
6 Regularly stung by mysterious plant (5,4)
7 Milky preparation in a tailspin (2-4)
8 Genuine Greek island's centre for fishermen (6)
14 Explain what online research establishment consumed (9)
16 Last bout disastrous for Navy's undersea complement? (8)
17 As the Italian leaves, proffer flower in a gentle way (8)
19 Clean lift for socialist Holland (7)
20 Kudos for tip-up carrying empty load (7)
21 Brazilian city where master meets bridge partners (6)
22 Takes on commercial work just the odd task (6)
25 Policemen going up in the world form a sort of column (5)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Alchemi