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Alchemi, another new setter, has provided a debut puzzle which is similar in style to some of the Guardian's puzzles if you enjoy Araucaria's puzzles you'll enjoy this one. 10 down is an example of that rare thing, a clue that really makes you laugh out loud. Alchemi has requested feedback be sent to him at


Semi-pros are letdowns? (6,8)
8 Change at the stroke of noon (5)
9 Desire for small French mimic going around (8)
11 Worked and wanted to be heard (7)
12 Upstart raven, flapping wildly, surrounded by backup (7)
13 Passage from Rabelais lewd! (5)
15 Therapist woman's mixing basil with a soupcon of tarragon (9)
17 Line replacing number in insoluble puzzle makes it damaging (9)
20 Cockney encouragement to execute woman showing this? (5)
21 Approaching a circle on Tyneside (7)
23 Gateman turns to a captain of industry (7)
25 Beer causes Frenchman to slide backwards (8)
26 A quick drink at one end of Swiss mountain chalet (5)
27 What every colonel wants? That is one! (14)

Bailing out of US city with a hundred thousand million it's criminal! (12)
2 Awards as charade comes to an end are gross (5)
3 Led twice with new arrangement and turned out all right (5,4)
4 Dicky had ploy for making models (4-3)
5 Recorded propane spill (2,5)
6 Splintering centre of Bury (5)
7 Meets up in a German gallery: not bad really, considering... (9)
10 Star of Spooner's film of Little Big Horn (6,6)
14 Function featuring rumba danced underwater (9)
16 Freedom from pain, surprisingly, as a nail gets half chopped off (9)
18 South Africa supporting newspaper's fine material (7)
19 Asia in turmoil: strange being held up for a Japanese aristocrat (7)
22 Subject even kisses Queen (5)
24 Sauce from oil spilled in road (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Alchemi