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10 by Anax
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It's always nice to have another contribution from Anax, who at the time of publishing this has been taken on by the FT in addition to his regular work at the Times and Independent. This is a thematic with an amusing theme. As always the clueing is excellent, notably 3 down and 18 down.

10 by Anax.jpg

10a is the theme word to which all across answers are connected. Clues whose answers do not intersect 9d (except for 10a) consist of wordplay only; for the six which do intersect, definitions are given but grid entries and wordplay are appropriately affected by it. Down clues are normal.

A politician seen in brief photography session (7)
5 Local conservationists guarding entrance to estate (6)
10 Musical that's hard to broadcast (4)
11 Becks "extra" beer, chilled, outside bar (6,4)
12 Alpine runner and the stupid one with very little 10 (9)
13 Expanse of water mostly seen around north (4)
14 What's the last thing you'll see in teacup? Nice milk? (5)
16 Criminal type, no trouble for gathering of 10 (9)
19 Cornet blown by pensioner in style (4,5)
20 American after second and first in Yale (5)
22 Marine on exercises (4)
24 Made white from black? A little light show within (9)
26 Don't blow! Doctor grinned when feeding baby swimmers (6-4)
27 Pass over top of Kilimanjaro (4)
28 Topless bird arrested by police (6)
29 Stunts regularly featured in book (7)

A lot of / a little cheap stuff (5)
3 I deal with dead people I sort of cram into boxes (9)
4 Edible plant, golden pine (6)
6 Fortune I'd found in grave, perhaps (8)
7 Inventor undoubtedly can't use odd parts (5)
8 Note those camp occupations (9)
9 Footballer leaving top division (6,7)
15 Lord Mayor, around 29, misinterpreted religious doctrine (9)
17 Concave moulding to crush dodgy walls I left (9)
18 Big Daddy's wrestling career interrupted by return of wasting disease (8)
21 Old documents? Pulp your Independent (6)
23 To see businessman, doctor takes lift from ground level? (5)
25 Vessel carrying away old coin (5)

Solution to 10 by Anax